Small Communities of Faith

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  • As Christians, we are part of a community of believers who need others to support us along the way. We invite you to join a small community of faith. Make a commitment to set aside just 90 minutes each week to grow in faith and in relationship with your small community of faith.

  • Small communities of faith are being formed randomly and according to lifestyle. This means you can sign up to be assigned to a group or you can sign up for a group you might have shared experiences with already. You can also choose a group based on your availability.

  • It is our hope that all of our parish families, the many different generations, and the rich diversity of our parish, will come together to participate. We hope you will use this opportunity to assess your relationship with God, to realign your priorities, to make more room for God, and to go forth to do good works from your experience!

  • Please give prayerful consideration to participating, or perhaps even leading or hosting a small group in your home.

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