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    The Monsignor Martin Family Center is a multi-faceted facility
    with a large gathering space, side rooms, classrooms,
    a conference room, and offices.

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    If you have any questions please contact us at 210-824-0139 Ext 334 and ask for Rosy Ortiz

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  • St. Pius X Catholic School

    For over 60 years, St. Pius X has maintained a long-standing tradition of love, education, moral development, and spirituality. 

    Our caring and dedicated staff, along with a well-developed curriculum, continues to equip students in grades PreK3-8th with the necessary tools to meet and exceed the challenges of secondary school and life.

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    Catholic Education Beyond the Typical School Week

    Here at St. Pius X we offer a plethera of opportunities for youth to continue learning about their faith. These programs also prepare them to recieve the Sacraments of Intiation. These programs range from kindergarten through high school students. In this environment, youth and families from all walks of life can come to learn, grow in fellowship, and encounter Christ together. 
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  • How Grace Is Poured Out In the Church

    At St. Pius X we offer six of the seven sacraments, including Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Holy Matrimony, and Anointing of the Sick. The only sacrament not done at St. Pius X is Holy Orders, but if you are interested in that sacrament, we are happy to provided resources and point you in the right direction. All these sacraments allow God's grace to be poured out upon the person receiving the sacrament. If you are interested in becoming Catholic please visit that page (linked below), or if you need sacraments for your child or more sacraments for yourself please visit our sacraments page (linked below). 

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    Click here to learn more about the Sacraments 

  • Become a Part of Our Parish Life

    We offer sever different ministries for all different charisms. Check them out! You could also get involved with youth or family faith formation!

    Ministry Opportunities

    St. Pius X also has several service groups such as St. Vincent de Paul to get involved with here at the parish, or you can get involved in the Mass by joining a liturgical ministry! 

    Service Opportunity